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Congress and the War

Yesterday, Sen. Russ Feingold chaired a Judiciary Committee hearing to address what actions Congress may take to bring about an end to the war in Iraq. He was joined by Republican Arlen Specter who said that while Bush may be the decision-maker, "he is not the sole decider".

From news accounts, the hearing focused primarily on how Congress can use their authority with regards to funding to block the escalation and redeploy our forces. Feingold is set to put forth legislation that would terminate funding six months from ratification, with caveats for various situations such as continued anti-terror efforts and training of Iraqi forces. No doubt he will be vilified as "not supporting the troops". But considering that the troops being sent into Iraq as part of this "surge" aren't being adequately equipped in the first place, it would appear that that overly abused charge can be applied to the administration as well.

As I pointed out previously, there are many hurdles (one of which will be addressed today by the House Judiciary) to overcome in passing any legislation. But if there is anyone up for the challenge of restoring our system of checks and balances, it's the good Senator from Wisconsin.

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Feingold is magnificent.

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