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Bright Idea, Dim Response

WASHINGTON (XF) - In what is said to be a move toward his State of the Union pledge to address global climate change, President Bush has authorized NASA to construct the world's largest mirror, The Xsociate Files has learned. The so-called 'space mirror' orbital platform was one of the many options considered for how best to lessen the effects of global warming.

Critics of the initiative say that this is just another example of the Bush administration using smoke and mirrors to keep from having to address the real cause of global warming, namely, greenhouse gas emissions. Others wonder if lucrative contracts for providing "sunglasses" for the Earth were behind the decision.

Among the most vocal opponents to the President's plan to blot out the sun have been sunbathing enthusiasts. A small group of them joined the protests this past weekend in DC, carrying signs reading such things as "Blot Out Bush" and "Put Cheney In Orbit, Two Problems Solved".

(Filed at State of the Day)