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To The Moon

WASHINGTON (XF) - In the wake of reports of a terrorism scare in Boston, President Bush has taken the unusual step of declaring war on the moon, The Xsociate Files has learned. The move is considered unusual because the suspects in question, Mooninites, are fictional characters of the hit animated show Aqua Teen Hunger Force, part of Cartoon Network's Adult Swim lineup.

The declaration comes after a series of devices were found throughout the Boston area. While initial reports indicated possible terrorism, it was soon determined that the devices were part of a marketing campaign concocted by Turner Broadcasting, parent company of Cartoon Network. Turner has since apologized for the incident, expressing regret that the campaign caused any anxiety with the public.

Nevertheless, President Bush remains undeterred. He has ordered NASA to begin making plans for shuttling US forces to the moon to hunt down so-called "Mooninitofascists" who the administration believes are really the ones responsible for the "improvised entertainment devices" (IED's).

(Filed at State of the Day)