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How Do You Say 'Red Herring' in Farsi?

Seems the Iranian distraction is working.

This article by James Fallows touched off a debate in the blogs yesterday. In the piece, Fallows argues that while the debate on what to do about Iraq is complex, Congress still has a chance to put its foot down with regards to Iran. Matthew Yglesias made a similar argument the other day. However, some where not happy that Fallows and Yglesias were suggesting that Iraq should be put on the backburner. Big Tent Democrat and McJoan lay out their case that ending the Iraq war should remain the primary focus because it would deprive the Bush administration a casus belli for war with Iran. But others noted the history this administration has with ignoring those who don't agree with their predetermined agendas.

So is Iran a red herring? Are we arguing just for the halibut?

Or is it more likely we are just plain Moby Dicked?

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