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No Taxation Without Terrorization

Jihadists upset over war tax debate.

WASHINGTON (XF) - A suggestion by Sen. Joe Lieberman that the US should consider a "war on terrorism tax" to help fund the war in Iraq has prompted backlash from an unlikely source, The Xsociate Files has learned. Al-Qaeda's number two leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri, has released an audiotape railing against the idea, citing a lack of representation in Congress or the ability to lobby its members on behave of terrorist organizations who would be most affected by the proposed tariff.

Zawahriri also expressed worries that a tax might increase pressure on the administration to end US involvement in Iraq.

"If the Americans learned the true cost of fighting, they might wish to put an end to the war. This is definitely one area in where we agree with President Bush that Americans should not have to sacrifice," Zawahriri is quoted as saying.

(Filed at State of the Day)