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Opening The Files: 02/24/07

One Percent Speak

The Cheney Doctrine was in full force this week in that if there is a one percent change that anyone will take what the Vice President says seriously, he'll continue to expel his rhetoric. The Dark One first emerged from his undisclosed location to signal six more weeks of cognitive dissonance and condemnation, proclaiming that the British pullout from Iraq was a sign of progress and that the Democrats are still Osama lovin' terr'st appeasers. By the way Dick, where is Ole OBL these days? Oh, yea, that's right.

Cheney next appeared down under, still professing his criticisms, however, this time claiming he wasn't trying to impugn the patriotism of the Democratic leadership. He simply wants to hold them accountable for the consequences of their policies. Yes, Mr. Unaccountable had the audacity to actually say that. Oy.

Josh Marshall thinks that instead of validating Cheney's feeling of superiority by complaining, what the Dems should do is call out how comedic his rhetoric has been and still is. Some are already taking that advice to heart.

BooMan says Cheney is still lying. So what else is new?

Richard Blair reports of a dual withdrawal while John Nichols has news on the latest front in the war.

RJ Eskow has a new game for everyone to play.

The Veep says that the US wants to return from Iraq "with honor". Here is Scarecrow on Cheney's concept of it.

Carpetbagger, whose blog turned four the other day, says that Cheney appears to be contradicting a former Secretary of Defense: himself.

And finally, MJS and an ode to Dick (Cheney that is. Get your mind outta the gutter).

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