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I haven't blogged much about Ann Coulter's voter fraud allegations because as we have come to realize in the many offshoots of Purgegate, voter fraud only matters when it can be leveled at Democrats. But there are some interesting twists to the story that still make for good Coulter fodder.

For those not up to speed: Last year, Ms. Coulter voted in a Florida district which wasn't the same as her physical address in state. Voting in any district other than the one in which you reside is a felony in the Sunshine State, with punishment of up to $5,000 smackers and/or five years in the pokey. Anyway, to cut to the predictable ending, Coulter got off.

But this is where the story gets interesting. Seems that the investigation of her alleged malfeasance was closed after an FBI agent interceded on her behalf. Now that same FBI guy finds himself the subject of his own investigation and if rumors are true, he may in fact be an exorcised boyfriend of Coultergeist!

So did the succubus in the black cocktail dress get help from her G-Man?

I think the bigger question is: who knew there was someone willing to put up with Ann Coulter for more than five minutes at a time?

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