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Virtual revisit draws fire.

WASHINGTON (XF) - The Washington Post reports that the White House and Congress are set to reevaulate the proposals made in last year's Iraq Study Group report. But critics of the administration remain skeptical due in part to where the deliberations for the reassessment are to take place: the online world of Second Life.

Sources who spoke to The Xsociate Files on the condition of anonymity claim that members of the ISG and administration officials will attend meetings in the virtual environment pioneered by California based Linden Lab. The source explained the reason for the virtual conference is mainly due to scheduling issues. Many of the participants are currently spread out across the globe, attending real life meetings with foreign governments or on speaking engagements. Having a virtual boardroom where participants can interact is thought will help quell some of the problems associated with long distance communications.

It is still unclear whether true to life representations will be used. Because the meeting will take place in a setting in which users can take any form they wish, some worry that the administration will once again be dismissive of the ISG' s findings.

"They didn't listen in first life, what makes us think they'll listen in a second?" one anonymous avatar said moments before sprouting red wings and flying off.

However, it can be confirmed that other online forums such as Half-Life and World of Warcraft were also considered but were dropped due to technical issues.

"Well in Half-Life, the President's in-game Secret Service detail kept mowing down anyone who got to close," said a White House aide familiar with the dress rehearsals. "And as far as Warcraft, well, let's just say we should all be thankful that Vice President Cheney isn't an ogre in real life."

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