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Trading Bushies

WASHINGTON (XF) - FOX is set to announce a reality showed based on their hit "Trading Spouses". Only in this case, the contestants will be various members of the US government, The Xsociate Files can reveal. According to insider memos obtained by XF, high ranking members of both the executive and legislative branches of government would swap places with their counterparts in the war on terror. This would include some prisoners currently being held at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

The premise for the show is thought to have come about as the result of an off hand remark made by a senior member of the Justice Department about how they would rather "trade places" with suspected terrorist Jose Padilla than become Deputy Attorney General, a position left vacant after the departure of Paul McNulty earlier this month.

Critics of the administration are enthused about the show, claiming that allowing members of the administration to see things from "the other side" may dissuade them from some of their more hard line views on issues such as torture and indefinite detention.

"If Gonzales could walk a few miles in Padilla's shackled shoes, he may not be so quick to call Geneva 'quaint," one prominent political blogger is quoted as saying.

But whether the show even happens remains largely in doubt. Unresolved is whether President Bush or any his immediate staff will participate. Sources close to the White House say that the administration remains hesitant to relinquish any authority to relative unknowns. Also of concern is whose job would be the equivalence of the presidency.

"Clearly Osama Bin Laden's role as leader of Al-Qaeda is the closest fit," said one source. "But that would require the President to go on the run just like Bin Laden is now and given his approval rating, there are worries that many would rather he just stay missing."

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