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Opening The Files: 05/16/07

Falwell That Ends Well

Many in the blogs are noting the passing of Rev. Jerry Falwell yesterday at the tender age of just this side of Methuselah. I really don't have much to say about it since, unlike Falwell, I choose to take the moral high road and not speak ill of the dead no matter how deserving of contempt they may be. For as much as he may have tried to ostracize those who did not share his beliefs, he was still just a member of the diversity that is humanity and thus deserving of a modicum of respect. My thoughts and best wishes are with his family tonight.

For some good examples of the life and slimes of Jerry F., Carpetbagger is as good a place as any to start. And Timothy Noah has more from the Falwell hit parade.

Seeing as how much he's had to suck up to Falwell recently in order to even be considered a serious contender, it's not surprising to learn that John McCain was among the first to issue condolences to the late reverend. Wonkette wondered what the other GOPers might have said about Jerry during last night's round two debate.

Apparently FOX isn't the only ones reporting parody as actual news. MSNBC punk'd themselves when they took a quote from a fictitious White House website to tout Falwell's influence on the Bush administration. Ah, ain't research grand?

Alan Wolfe says that given his own penchant for casting stones in life, the urge to return the favor now is hard to ignore. Russell Shaw thinks it's probably best we sit out this dance with the devil's delight.

Ha Czar, Ha Czar, They Found A Czar!

After what seemed like a fruitless search, the Bushies have finally found someone to pin the blame the next Medal of Freedom on. He's Lt. General Douglas Lute. Guess they had to tap into the second string since all the first stringers knew better than to take this scapegoat of a occupation.

But already it seems there may be a problem with this pick. Lute apparently once advocated a drawdown of US forces in Iraq. How soon do you suppose it will be before the White House assures us that Czar Lute is down with the surge? A: Not long.

I'll let Meme handle the roundup on this one. I'm all Czarred out.

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Hmmm, I am gonna have to disagree with you on the holding of tongues. In the Native community, we have always had a history of honoring all of those older than us. That fine tradition too has to go out the window when people choose to live such hate-filled lives. We must not allow them to be regaled at time of death lest the children believe that these were model lives.

The Dan
Grave Dancer's Union 777

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