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What's in a Pseud?

So we're back to harping on blog comments again? Only this time the bugaboo is about pseudonymous commenters supposedly trolling the interwebs and wreaking such havoc with their bloghate that we should police who is to be given anonymity? Frankly I could care less about whether or not someone wants to remain anonymous when they comment on my stuff so long as they remain civil. And given that foregoing anonymity really won't stop someone keen to cause a ruckus, I don't see much of a point.

Personally I don't have much of a problem with anonymous blog trolls (unless you count Kvatch, kidding!) since my blog resides somewhere in the Y tier of blogospheric hierarchy. And as far as why I choose to blog anonymously, it is not so much an issue of needing to keep my identity a secret but one of continuity. I've had the handle Xsociate* for a long time in various online incarnations and when it came time to name my blog, it was a natural fit. Why mess with a winning and uniquely recognizable moniker ya know?

Anyway, lots more navel gazing to be had here.

*For those curious where the hell I came up with the name Xsociate, it was the end result of an X-Files obsession many many years ago.

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