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I'll grant Creature that it is refreshing to see the sheer diversity of the Democratic hopefuls on stage at last night's debate. I would also grant how refreshing it is to see, as Senator Clinton pointed out, the big differences emerging between the two party's contenders. So far we've been witness to two debates each and the differences could not be more apparent. While the Dems hope to take a pragmatic view towards a litany of issues, the GOPers appear to be all about being Bush 3.0.

Even the intra-party squabbles are different, at least at this early stage. Although the top tiers on the Dem side may have quibbled about such issues as Iraq and health care, it was nothing compared to Rudy Giuliani's total avoidance of reality when he dressed down fellow candidate Ron Paul about the later's insistence that our actions in the Middle East were among the many reasons for 9/11.

Diversity of thought is just not something to be found in GOP circles. Thankfully, it's only relegated one side.

For the analysis, check out postmortems from Digby, AL, BTD, John Dickerson, and Walter Shapiro.

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