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Hypocrisy, Thy Name is GOP

I'm not usually one to harp on the hypocrisy of the GOP because lets face it, it's pretty much become a given. But sometimes the hypocrisy reaches such a critical mass that it warrants attention. Just take some of the more glaring examples in recent memory:

1. Mark Foley - once championed stricter laws to protect children and teens from online predators was caught having inappropriate contacts with Capitol Hill pages...online.

2. David Vitter - once chided President Bill Clinton for his extramarital affair finds his name and number in a very different type of DC directory...that of a local Madam.

3. Bob Allen - once sponsored a failed bill to tighten Florida's prohibition of sex in public is arrested for soliciting an undercover officer...for sex in a public restroom.

I guess it's a safe bet that if a GOPer is complaining about some affront to societal norms or values, chances are he's speaking from experience.

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