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Opening The Files: 07/11/07


With the kinda-sorta GOPer defections continuing apace, the Bushies are indeed running scared. To try to counter the exodus, they've sought to 'retool' their war rhetoric. But the only tools in sight are the ones who would be willing to believe this 'retooling' is any sort of actual change. That number is now apparently 29%. What's that saying about fools?

Anyway, Bush gave a rambling speech in Cleveland yesterday were he once again resorted to the one tool left in his bag of tricks: fear. Nothing really new was said, just more of the same. But fear not (pun intended), they are working on a new way forward. Only problem? The new way seems awfully familiar.

And you can't tell me that it's just coincidental that at the same time Bush is giving a speech warning of the dangers of Al-Qaeda should we leave Iraq, a report leaks out suggesting they're on the way or already here (which begs the question, if that's the case, tell me again why are we staying in Iraq?). As if that weren't suspicious enough, you also have Homeland Security Director Michael Chertoff issuing similar dire warnings based solely on his 'gut feeling'. Something tells me we've reached the Diarrhea level of the BS Alert System.

Richard Blair has the buzz on the latest box office flop.

Shorter Eli: In a world full of Dubyas, things would get done as soon they are almost done getting. Heh?

Michael J.W. Stickings thinks it's time for a gut check on this guttural fearmongering.

Fred Kaplan says there's something depressing about Bush's Cleveland speech. You mean besides that he gave it?

Not to begrudge Shaun Mullen or anything, but is "patheticer" even a word? Then again maybe is should be with this bunch.

Here's Larisa on Devils and Ouija boards.

And John Aravosis says that Bush appears to be taking these new terror threats about as serious as he has taken previous ones.

Update: Another gut check by James Mulvaney.

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