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Opening The Files: 07/04/07

Our King George

The Libby pardon (which is what this is regardless of the semantics) has captivated the blogs. And even though it was all too predictable coming from this president, the feelings of anger and disgust are nonetheless palpable.

Many have made allusions to President Bush acting as if he were King and indeed he has. For nearly seven years, he has ruled as if by divine right, as if the rights enshrined in the Constitution were just so much scribblings on what he is famously quoted as calling "just a goddamned piece of paper." How appropriate then that he should, just days before the anniversary of the founding of this nation, once again show his contempt for that sacred document.

For then, as now, we find ourselves burdened by an oppressive regime who cares naught but for themselves and those who can further their hold on power. Then, as now, we must fight to restore order to this republic, least we betray the suffering and courage of our founders who stood resolute in the face of a similar monarchical entity.

Yesterday when I highlighted the fact that no one is paying any mind to the damage done to Joe and Valerie Wilson in this whole affair, I thought the casual disregard couldn't get any worse. I was wrong. For not only did White House Mouther Tony Snowjob issue a glib "apology" when asked if Americans were deserving of one from this administration for outing a CIA operative but then he goes on to suggest that because Washington leaks like a sieve, it's not really that big a deal. Sorry for letting by vituperative, uncivil bloggerness show when I say "Fuck you and your apology, Tony".

The Anonymous Liberal says that this one-off justice is but one example of King Solomon Bush's reign. As for Scooter, maybe now he'll be free to find the real perpetrators.

Shaun Mullen says there is one word that keeps cropping up whenever he thinks about George Bush.

John Nichols on how the founders viewed the importance of impeachment and that perhaps it is time that Congress heed the voices of the past.

Jeffrey Feldman says that to stem the rising tide of cynicism, we must keep "faith" in our system of government regardless of what King George wants.

Sidney Blumenthal and Robert Scheer say that pardoning Libby was more about obstructing rather correcting an injustice.

John Fabian Witt reminds us that independence from the British Empire was not the only thing the Declaration sought to establish.

Christy is willing to stand for Liberty. Will you stand with her?

Have a safe and happy Fourth everyone.

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