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Olbermann on Libby Pardon

A very powerful Special Comment tonight. Back in 2000, before I had taken a serious interest in politics, I was a bit nonplussed by the ascension of George Bush into the White House. But like John Wayne who Keith famously quoted last night, I also felt that out of deference to the office I would bury any grievances I may have had and merely wish my new president would do the best job he were able. But he did not do a good job, far from it.

I was not around for Watergate. I was not a witness to the Saturday Night Massacre. But I have been witness to the massacres, both literal and figurative, perpetrated by this presidency. The victims have been the peoples of both America and Iraq. Still more victims are found in the Constitution, the Bill of Rights, indeed the very rule of law itself.

Richard Nixon chose to show honor in his last act as president. He resigned so that someone more deserving of the office could take the helm. But the arrogance and hubris of this president precludes such a gesture. So like Keith, I too feel that is long past time that we as Americans, as the true bosses of Bush and Cheney, ask for them to tender their resignations.


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