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No Circus in Piccadilly

Yesterday's big story was the twin car bombs which were discovered in London. There was breathless speculation about who was responsible, with Al-Qaeda being the goto villain of choice just as they have been recently with all things Iraq. But even with all this speculation, as Cernig who as the resident Brit on my blogroll I turn to for all my UK analysis, says there is very little to go on at this point. I am sure he will expand on the theory being raised that these bombs were designed to try to influence newly minted Prime Minister Gordon Brown. While everyone seems to be suggesting the desired outcome may have been something akin to the aftermath of the Madrid bombings three year ago (withdrawal of military forces from Iraq), I wonder if Jim's theory is far more plausible.

In any event, I am glad no one was injured in what was obviously a far more serious threat than the recent terror arrests here in the States. And perhaps the stalwart way in which the Brits have handled the situation is something we should strive to emulate here. Stiff upper lip and all that, chaps.

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