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A lot going on in the blogs this AM so here's what's Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes:

I know that prevailing wisdom says that the best way to counter the vile and hate-filled talk of people like Ann Coulter is to ignore them. But Ann is but a symptom of a larger malady, one which as the potential to become far worse. Just as with the slow decline of the Bush II presidency, there will be those who see the slow motion train wreck that is Coulter's descent into insolvency as a sign that their influence in waning. This may compel some to action and not necessarily with the best of intentions. The best way to counter this is not to ignore it but ensure that such people and their warped ideas are consigned to the fringes of society were they belong.

Whenever a controversy, scandal or something just plain embarrassing has ever cropped up, the go to excuse for GOPers has been to blame it all on Bill Clinton. So it no real surprise that Rudy Giuliani has now resorted to that tired cliche, saying that Bill (and by extention all Democrats) weren't serious about terrorism during the latter's tenure in the White House. Anyone else get the feeling the Rudy is trying to compensate for something considering how "serious" he's been on important issues of late? Check out Joe Conason for more.

And while we're on the subject of blaming Billy Boy, I wonder how soon we'll hear the argue that the Bushies just had to defy subpoenas compelling documents and testimony regarding Purgegate because of the precedent set by Dubya's predecessor? Larisa says we've officially entered the Watergate era of the Bush presidency.

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...we've officially entered the Watergate era of the Bush presidency.

Would that it could end the same way.

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