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Cheney to Bush: Go Me, Yourself

It shouldn't really come as a surprise that Vice President Cheney once again feels the rules don't apply to him, this time with regards to classification of secret information. And this isn't the first time he has claimed to be an entity unto himself. We all know Dick has long sought to regain some of the authorities lost due to the abuses of the Nixon administration and then some. That he would do so to the detriment of the other two branches of government only shows how truly antipathy he is to how our system of government functions.

But I would also like to point he also apparently doesn't feel himself answerable to his nominal boss. From Wired's summary of the controversy (courtesy Steven Reynolds):
The showdown over the executive branch-wide regulations on how to classify, store, handle, and declassify government documents started sometime in 2003, when Cheney’s office refused to submit an annual report on its classification procedures, despite the fact that the order was signed by President Bush. (emphasis mine)

Now we all know the arrogance and hubris of this commander-in-chief. He's all about chest thumpin' and proclaiming who's The Decider, usually aiming such petulance at his Democratic opponents in Congress. Yet his second in command can't be bothered with rules that he himself issued. You would think he might be a little put off by that.

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