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The Real Decider

The Washington Post's lengthy series on Dick Cheney's time as Vice President has been generating a lot of buzz in the blogosphere this week. And like A.L., I too noticed the conspicuous absence of the President thus far. For someone who claims to be the Decider, this series seems to suggest that all he really is the decider of is what types of drapes and carpet adorn the Oval Office.

I've also noticed that Alberto Gonzales comes off as more of a Cheney lackey as opposed to some nefarious consigliere to the President. For the longest time I thought Dubya was just keeping Fredo, as Gonzales is indeed affectionately called, around to protect his backside. But now I think it's far more like that Cheney has had far greater influence on Gonzo's retention.

Part two is now available and I highly recommend a read since I have a feeling this anthology will be used by future historians to help explain some of this presidency's most egregious policies and practices.

Update: More from Larisa, Christy, Dan Froomkin and Eugene Robinson.

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