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Opening The Files: 06/24/07

The Lone Deranger

Shoot 'em up Shooter and his faithful companion Dubya ride again. Respect their extra-constitutional authoritah! Yee-haw!

When the idea that Dick "Angler Mangler" Cheney wasn't a part of the executive branch and thus not subject to executive dictates was rekindled this week, many suggested that Congress should cut funding for the OVP (Old Villainous Posse?). If the Veep wants to be his own boss, might as well let him fit the bill. No one can shoot holes through that logic, not even Dead Eye Dick. Heck, Bush recently pledged to tamp down on wasteful spending. What could be more wasteful than dumping untold millions of dollars onto an entity that claims it is not affiliated with any branch of government yet still claims all of the privileges?

Well, now the Democrats have proposed taking away Dick's fistful of dollars. And if you ask me it's long past time this Lone Ranger rode off into the sunset.

Libby Spencer noticed how misapplied the Bushies were with their implied intent. Then again, the Founding Fathers intended a lot of things. The Bushies just misapplied them.

And speaking of unintended intentions, Steve Young has a transcript of Tony Snowjob trying to clear things up.

Scott Rosenberg says there's more than meets the eye to this Constitutional Transformer.

And Maureen Dowd (free via Rozius), who took a break from obsessing over John Edwards' haircut, thinks that the only way Shooter could possibly be more reviled is if he took a famous adolescent wizard-in-training on a quail hunt.

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