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The Crimes to Come

A lot of people are pissed tonight at President Bush for finally issuing that get out of jail free card to Scooter Libby. I don't know why anyone would be surprised. This is atypical behavior for this president. And after pissing off a huge percentage of his remaining supporters with the immigration bill, Bush had to appease them somehow. Nevermind that it once again just shows how truly committed Bush is to the rule of law and standards of equality before justice.

But Larisa notes, the implications of what Bush has done here are huge. Just as with his steadfast refusal to get rid of Alberto Gonzales, this partial pardon of Libby demonstrates to all those loyal Bushies who remain ensconced in various agencies that lying on behalf of the President will not be frowned upon and those who do will be protected from accountability.

And everyone was worried about the underlying crime...

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