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The Do-Something Congress

Wah! The Bushies are in a bit of a snit. For the first time in their measly time in office, they're having to answer serious questions about stuff they would much rather be kept quite. So their whining like the soiled brats they are.
The White House Thursday raised questions about the level of Democratic oversight, saying that the time the majority spends on investigating the Bush administration could be used to pass bills.

Bush spokesman Scott Stanzel told reporters during the daily briefing that the White House has been subject to an average of about six oversight hearings a day since Democrats took control of Congress. In that time, he added, the administration has turned over 200,000 pages of documents.

Said Stanzel: “I would raise those issues because it raises the question, what does Congress want to do? Do they want to pass legislation for the American people or would they rather investigate and have politics be the course of the day?

This really chaps my loins. It's as if the White House has existed in a completely different universe. Then again, maybe it has. Maybe in that universe the Congress didn't pass an Iraq supplemental appropriations bill (twice) or pass a stem cell research bill or tried to vote on an immigration reform bill. Of course in this universe, the first two were vetoed by the President and the third was killed by members of his own party (in addition to many others which have been stonewalled by the GOPers).

And the White House has the audacity to suggest they aren't doing enough legislative work? I know the Bushies have trouble multitasking but that doesn't mean Congress has such deficiencies.

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