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Gen. Odom on 'Supporting the troops'

Gen. William Odom (Ret.) has an op-ed in Nieman Watchdog that is a must read. Here's the lede:
Every step the Democrats in Congress have taken to force the withdrawal of U.S. forces from Iraq has failed. Time and again, President Bush beats them into submission with charges of failing to "support the troops."

Why do the Democrats allow this to happen? Because they let the president define what "supporting the troops" means. His definition is brutally misleading.

I urge you to read the rest. The General goes on to note the disproportionality of past combat deployments with those currently being faced by our troops in Iraq. He points to the psychological as well as the physical damage being inflicted on them as the best argument for why troop redeployment is necessary.

General Odom says that Congress has the power to compel the president to change course in Iraq. Whether Democrats will be willing to use that power remains to be seen. But regardless, the need for change remains paramount if we are to ensure that we still have a viable military able to respond to other threats around the world by the time Bush leaves office.

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