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Poster Childrens: Theirs and Ours

The GOP is in quite a bind. They have found themselves on the losing side of the argument regarding Bush's SCHIP veto. And though there may be some discrepancies amongst the electorate, by and large Americans simply trust Democrats better on the issue. Thus far the GOPers has relied on surrogates like Stalkin' n' Balkin' Malkin to help muddy the debate (though it looks as though the Defrost Diva won't be doing any slinging anywhere near the Fear O'Reilly Factor).

But the GOPers think they may have found an issue where they have the advantage, even if only a marginal one. Via Carpetbagger:
[U]nlike Bush’s veto of the SCHIP bill — which was supported by a number of Republicans in the House and Senate and subsequently has caused significant heartburn for in-cycle GOP incumbents — Republicans are much more comfortable backing Bush on national security. […]

Specifically, Republicans are planning to use the kidnapping and subsequent murder of three U.S. soldiers in Iraq earlier this year to put a “human face” on the issue, the House staffer explained. According to this aide, while Democrats’ arguments about privacy may resonate with some voters, Republicans believe using real-world examples of how a weak FISA has put U.S. troops in danger will help galvanize public support for their position.

“We’re content to have the Democrats make these abstract and obtuse privacy arguments,” the aide said. “As long as we make this debate … about real world, human examples,” Republicans believe they can maintain party discipline on Bush’s veto and effectively fight Democrats in the public arena.

The Murdoch owned media was soon propagating the meme with gusto. The gist of it is that due to the need to gather those peaky FISA warrants, precious time was wasted that could have been spent trying to find those kidnapped soldiers. But when one delves into the details, we find that it wasn't any problems with FISA that resulted in delays but rather bureaucratic bumbling on the part of the Bushies. A cynical ploy to be sure, yet the righties work themselves into a froth over a 12 year old advocating expanding health care.

Thus we have the disparity of the right wing mind. When Democrats attempt to put a "human face" on a worthy cause, it is decried as cheap partisan politics. When Republicans do it for no other reason then to heap ever more authority unto an already lawless Unitary Executive, it is considered a winning argument.