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Why the Filibuster Won't Matter

At some point this morning, the Senate will begin debate on a resolution to make permanent the provisions which passed as part of the Protect America Act last August. That egregious surrender to a lying, manipulative administration will no doubt be replicated today, despite the efforts of a patriotic few.

That is ultimately why as much as I wish the outcome of today's vote would be different this time, in my heart of hearts I know it won't. So long as we have the leaders in Congress that we do, nothing will change. No amount of lies will keep the Democrats from cowering in fear at the mere mention of Bush, a president who history will undoubtedly judge to be one of this country's worst.

All weekend, attention has been focused on who was endorsing whom as we reach the final stretch in the race to Iowa. And to me, it's probably for the best. Because the rat race to determine the next president will certainly have more influence than pleas to stand up for liberty. For only when there is someone in power who the right will not give undue deference to no matter how far astray they lead this country will the affronts to the Constitution and the American people begin to be corrected.

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