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Welcome to the United States of Big Brother

Thanks to the Democrats, you no longer have the right to privacy. Following the lead of the kowtowed Senate, the House has now passed the Bush backed spy bill that affectively nullifies the civil liberties protections once ensured by FISA. Say goodbye to the Fourth Amendment while your at it. We have indeed become a police state. President Bush now has the authority to spy on whomever he wishes, without a warrant or any type of judicial review. And he doesn't even have to prove that person is in any way connected to terrorism. Merely by his word (or rather the word of his toady, Alberto Gonzales), that person can be spied on indefinitely.

So remember that the next time you make a phone call, log on to the internet or even read a blog. Because chances are that, as senior counsel at the Center for Democracy and Technology Gregory Nojeim says "The NSA may be listening".

Big Brother has arrived folks. Remember to thank the Democrats for that.

One Last Thought Update: Anyone who was under any illusions that the Democrats would stand and oppose President Bush on any number of issues (i.e. Iraq), they've have now officially gone the way the Dodo and DOS prompt. With this action, the Democrats sent a clear signal that they can be rolled if the Bushies keep playing their terrorism trump card.

The only thing worse than a Congress that rubberstamps because of loyalty to party is one that rubberstamps out of fear.

See also Jack Balkin.

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