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Opening The Files: 08/01/07

Creatures and Falafels and Fed Raids, Oh My!

With apologies to my esteemed colleague's pseudonym, there sure are a lot of creepy creatures in the news.

Like the 'unique creature' that is Dick Cheney who has been on a PR blitz lately telling us to "Use the farce". Or how's about Falafel King Bill O'Reilly, whose obsession with the Kos Kommunity has reached the point that he risks becoming a caricature of a caricature of himself, if such a thing is even possible without creating a paradox. Then there's the creature from the Other Great White North, Alaska Sen. Ted "The 'Tubes!" Stevens who, after having his home raided by the FBI and IRS is threatening to clog the tubes on an ethics reform bill. Talk about gall.

But with mass extinction seemingly inevitable, will these prehistoric creatures survive? Or will the reign of these Dinos soon be at an end.

While Fox News was having trouble finding a GOPer willing to go to bat for embattled Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, CBS and CNN found one in Dick Cheney. Though it probably would have been better if Dick hadn't done his pal Al any favors, so sez A.L.

Speaking of not doing us any favors, perhaps someone should remind this diarist that it's probably not the brightest idea to give Billo ammunition for his claim that the liberal blogosphere is populated by hate mongers and nutcases. I'm just saying. See Tim F. as well.

Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estés puts Dick Cheney on the couch. Most would rather see him on the docket.

This past weekend, a NY Times op-ed was the topic of much discussion in the blogs. Righties heralded it as vindication that Iraq war opponents are defeatists while those on the left pointed out the questionable source of these claims of 'progress'. Not surprisingly, war proponents seized on the op-ed. But as The Angry Rakkasan notes, a week in the Green Zone does not an expert make.

And Karl Rove recently gave some advice to GOPers saying they need to shed themselves of the "Culture of Corruption" moniker. Carpetbagger says that might be pretty tricky.

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