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Welcome to the Tubate

So the Democrats held another debate last night and from the many commentators this morning there was a clear winner: YouTube. That's because the questions were posed not by moderator Anderson Cooper who more or less served as officiator, but instead were asked by ordinary people. And the questions were as diverse as the issues. There was a woman who's son is currently deployed to Iraq asking when will the Dems get serious about ending the war. A gay couple asking who amongst the contenders would allow them to marry. There was even a question about global warming, humorously asked by a snowman.

There was very little different in the candidates answers, mostly a mishmash of standard talking points which events likes these have become known for. But having the candidates answering questions from the people who will ultimately be the ones to decide their fate certainly was a refreshing change of pace. Lord knows how the GOPers will handled it when it's their turn in September.

More thoughts from Josh Marshall, Digby, Katrina Vanden Heuvel and John Dickerson.

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