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He Has a Decider's Note

WASHINGTON (XF) - In yet another highly unusual move, President Bush has sought to exempt himself from a planned colonoscopy on the grounds that it is constitutes cruel and inhumane treatment, The Xsociate Files has learned. Sources familiar with a classified portion of a recently issued executive order say that Mr. Bush, who is said to loath going to the doctor for check ups, included himself as part of the order. The move is considered unorthodox because the order in question concerns the treatment of terrorism detainees held in CIA custody.

Critics are surprised by the move, with some wondering if the president wasn't mistaken in what the order covered.

"Maybe he thought CIA meant Colon Inspection Agency," one blogger wrote in response to the news. Still others worry at the implications of the leader of the free world forgoing a procedure commonly used to detect the onset of serious illness such as cancer.

"As a guy, I can relate. But if a healthy Bush colon is the only thing separating us from a Dick Cheney presidency, it's worth the discomfort," a Senate aide is quoted as saying.

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