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Opening The Files: 07/17/07

Pajama Party

The photoshoppery goodness accompanying this post comes courtesy of TRex who is among the many who pulled an all-nighter along with the Senate. And what a kegger it must have been. Because the only way I can see GOP members (plus Joe) still having the gumption to rally around a president whose approval rating is just this side of Nixon is to get completely hammered before hand.

As usual, fearmongering was the name of the game and cherry-pickin' ain't just for the Decider anymore. The GOPers have seized on a new NIE touting Al-Qaeda's "resurgence" as cause for why we should give the "surge" until September. At that point, I'm sure all those waffling Repub revolters will call for a change. My money's on it being the one that Gen. Peter Pace suggested the other day.

But for now, pass them their pillows and fuzzy slippers. They got some filibusterin' to do!

It figures that when the media finally does decide to bring the term filibuster back into usage they get it completely backwards.

Several anti-war groups held protests at the Capitol and Hardball host Tweety was apparently expecting a different type of demographic. Christy schools him in who these DFH's really are.

Harold Meyerson has found a new species of invertebrate residing on the shores of the Potomac.

Digby says the GOPer strategery seems like something out of a Three Stooges routine. I'd say Bugs Bunny is more like.

Glenn Hurowitz wonders if this all-nighter will just be a mid-summer's tryst. For the sake of the country, let it be a lasting affair.

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