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Can't Take the Heat

WASHINGTON (XF) - Citing mounting criticism and pressure to change course in Iraq, President Bush has decided to double his usual late summer hiatus and will spend nearly two months at his Texas ranch, The Xsociate Files has learned. The exact dates have yet to be confirmed but sources do say it is expected he will depart sometime in late July.

Critics are outraged and are equally incensed over the month long vacation of the Iraqi parliament during what are said to be critical months of the President's surge strategy.

Press Secretary Tony Snow was dismissive of the concerns, however, saying, "Look, we understand the frustration over this. But the President is taking a lot of heat and it can easily get upwards of 72 degrees in the Oval Office."

"The President blows so much hot air and Dick Cheney gives everyone such a cold chill I'm surprised it doesn't rain when the two of them are together," a prominent political analyst is quoted as saying.

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