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Take It to the Bank

WASHINGTON (XF) - The Xsociate Files has learned that as part of a new executive order covering the seizure of assets ostensibly for counter-terrorism, the Bush administration will seek to freeze the assets of those they claim to be some of the biggest offenders: members of the US Congress.

According to sources familiar with the document, President Bush issued the order as a response to the Congress' repeated attempts to force a change of course in Iraq. The order gives the executive branch the authority to block the bank accounts and financial assets of those "people, companies or groups that the United States deems are working to threaten stability in Iraq."

"Clearly, those 52 who voted yes wish to destabilize Iraq," the source said, making an apparent reference to the number of Senators who voted to advance a withdrawal plan after a rare all night session.

Democrats were outraged when told of the Bush administration's intentions. Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid is quoted as calling the President's actions "dictatorial" and "an affront to the separation of powers".

But not all are concerned over the measure. Some members of Congress have been exempted from the order in what critics claim is payback for standing in support of the President's policies.

"If the Democrats are really worried about losing their assets, perhaps they should invest in a decent freezer," said Sen. David Vitter, moments before getting into a car with an unidentified blond woman.

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