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I made a brief reference to this in my last post. But the news that the Bush administration has basically said will not enforce the law regarding contempt citations issued by Congress deserves much more than a mention in passing. No doubt many are feeling we have reached the point of no return towards a full constitutional crisis. Others would argue that we have been on this course for some time and indeed there are a litany of abuses which would have warranted swift action to correct them were this a healthy and functioning democracy. But it is not and has not been for some time. From warrantless wiretapping, signing statements, and the politicization of nearly ever facet of the government, the Bush administration have shown nothing but contempt for the very system of government which they profess to want to spread around the world.

There are those who would claim that this is just another drop in the bucket, a flash in the pan which will fade until the next affront in revealed. I would posit that something must be done now. For if Congress were ignore this and let it become common practice, they too will be showing contempt for democracy.

And I would find that most contemptible of all.

Update: Jeff Fecke peers into a future.

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