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BREAKING: Clinton has boobs!

And no I'm not talking about Bill.

I have it on good authority that as member of the female persuasion of the human race, Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton has breasts. You heard right. That titillating bit of info comes courtesy of this completely sophomoric piece by Robin Givhan who lets us know that Hillary's neckline has been making junkets further and further south.

It starts out well enough, noting the evolution of HRC's wardrobe from her time as First Lady to present. But then it delves into the sort of childish "tee hee" commentary more at home during third grade recess than on the pages of a major daily.

I know its an exercise in futility to expect more from our media but, seriously, what's next? Barack Obama and his Peculiar Pigment? Yeesh.

Update: I'm not the only one who thinks the only boobs on display are the ones at the Washington Post.

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