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Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes

TGIF and here's what's Shootin' Thru The 'Tubes:

No YouTube debate for the GOPers? That seems to be the inkling coming out of the blogs. Some wonder if it has anything to do with the questions that are likely to be submitted. Others note that the GOPer apologists seem to be settling on the "bias venue" line. That they are making the exact same arguments now that they once derided the Democratic candidates for in refusing to appear on a Fox News debate doesn't even register with them. But then, seldom does these days.

But surely, to paraphrase Roger Ailes, if the GOPers can't face the Tubers then they can't face the Terr'sts.

Speaking of not being able to handle confrontation, the latest Bill O'Reilly drummed up controversy is a perfect example of how frightful blowhards like Billo are of the burgeoning influence of the progressive blogosphere and venues where they can't control the narrative. For those not up to speed, the short of it is that Bill went nutpicking on the liberal blog Daily Kos for some disparaging comments. He then used those as a "gotcha" to suggest that all liberal blogs deal in hatred and acrimony. Of course he's one to talk since commenters to his own site aren't exactly all sunshine and daisies. Though try and point it out and you either get banned or have your mic cut. I guess free speech is only free if BillO approves of it.

Did ya hear? Turdblossom got a subpoena yesterday. Gordon says its about time someone made the little piggy squeal.

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