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Once again the media is obsessing over Hillary Clinton's mammaries. Only this time it's because Clinton herself has decided to use the shtick as a teat for suckling some cleavage cash. Wingers are going gaga over the gazonga grab, though personally I just think they want an excuse to bring up the Clinton's sex life again. And I would have to agree with Tim F. that the media's excuse for why these types of stories are deserving of attention borders on the imbecilic.
How about that. Media figures tend to swoon around Republicans (Romney’s laser-cut jaw and broad shoulders, Thompson has a manly funk) but stories about Democrats always seem to revolve around being image-conscious fakes. Beltway habitues like Kurtz probably don’t even realize it when they pursue stories that just reinforce their own prejudices.

Probably not, otherwise they wouldn't know they are making themselves look more and more like boobs every time.

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