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Opening The Files: 07/25/07

Git 'R Gone Gonzo

As Creature says, Alberto Gonzales needs to be tossed like that month old burrito you found hidden in the back of the fridge. Yesterday was his third time on the Senate skillet and the reviews are in. Critics rave "you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll wonder how this man made it through law school much less remains the chief law enforcement officer."

But then the reason for that is one of the few things very clear to everyone. With the Bush administration, loyalty and fealty are valued above all else. The ability to lie, mislead, and obstruct are the criteria on which such displays are judged. In that light, yesterday's award winning performance will no doubt elicit a hearty two thumbs up from The Decider.

Not surprisingly given the implications, everyone is focusing on the part of Gonzo's testimony in which he seems to be admitting that their were "other" spying programs that have not been revealed to the public. But A.L. wonders if it is all an issue of semantics.

Media Matters finds Fox News up to it's old tricks again. Josh Marshall wonders if they even notice it anymore.

Gonzales says that the Gang of Eight asked him to go shake down ask Ashcroft for his signature on whatever spying program was in dispute. The Gang, however, has a decidedly different recollection.

And Emily Bazelon says that Gonzales is the master of cringe. Indeed, I cringe at the thought of another 18 months of this hack in charge of what few civil liberties we have left. Maybe it's time Congress did something to change that.

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How does one verify the presense of
a wiretap implant?
X-ray no good.

spooky topic

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