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Gonzales: Did I Lie or Diddle I?

A lot of people are talking this AM about whether or no Gonzo is a liar. That there is any doubt shows you how good the AG is at parsing his words to such an extent that it's a wonder he can keep up with the many competing story lines. But then the Bushies have always been excellent diddlers.

Perplexing Perjury Update: The focus of whether or not Gonzales has in fact perjured himself seems to be coalescing around testimony he gave in Feb '06 where he said there was no dissent about the NSA spying program. Sen. Chuck Schumer alluded to his exchange with Abu on the subject several times at yesterday's hearing.

Yet I seem to recall that Gonzo wasn't even sworn in at the time at the behest of none other than Arlen Specter, who is now hinting that Gonzales' statements may be 'actionable'. Yet if he wasn't sworn in, can a perjury charge stick?

I know it's probably an oversimplification but combined with The Boss' undying love for his Fredo, perhaps that's another reason for the smirk.

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