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Still Lying After All These Years

This morning, The Washington Post takes a look back and sees that Attorney General Alberto Gonzales has been refining his selective amnesia technique for some time now. I particularly loved this part floating a trail balloon for why he's done such a piss poor job of defending his tenure as head of the Department of Justice.
Bill Minutaglio, a University of Texas journalism professor and author of biographies of Gonzales and Bush, said Gonzales kept an "extremely, extremely low profile" in the three jobs Bush gave him in the Texas government -- general counsel, secretary of state and judge on the Supreme Court -- and had little practice before he came to Washington at responding publicly to stiff scrutiny. "The grilling he's enduring right now is beyond anything he had ever experienced in his life. He was ill prepared for it," Minutaglio said.

Poor Gonzo. I guess no one could have anticipated that being put in charge of one of the most important governmental departments in the US would mean he might have to face tough scrutiny of his job performance. Chalk this up to another thing the Bushies thought would be a cakewalk.

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