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Answering the Call

My how times have changed. Seems like it wasn't that long ago that the White House was denouncing the blogosphere as 'hateful' and 'polarized'. Of course that was before they were on the ropes and in need of a sympathetic ear. They found it in the always amenable denizens of the right wing blogs, one of the few demographics still willing to buy their claptrap hook, line and stinker.

Conservative bloggers hosted a conference call with an 'unnamed White House official' about recent assertions of executive privilege. But beyond the news the Karl Rove would indeed disregard the subpoena issued against him the other day, there was very little new news generated. It seemed mostly to be a "we hate Dems" gabfest, with the standard swaps at Congress one would expect given the make up of the target audience: They can go Cheney themselves, the Dems are frustrated so they're acting all hyper-partisan, they're trying to embarrass the administration, etc etc.

All I want to know is, when can the liberal side of the blogs expect their conference call?

Somehow I have a feeling it will be about as forthcoming as that phone call I expected from the last girl I gave my number to. Don't wait up guys.

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