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Better Late Then Never

Well Zarqawi is still dead. Good riddance and all but so far I have yet to read anywhere in the MSM about how Zarqawi could have been taken out years ago (before the invasion in fact). The Washington Post had a piece yesterday showing how Zarqawi helped to bolster the Bush administration's claim of a link between Saddam and Al-Qaeda. But nowhere does it mention that President Bush turned down repeated opportunities to take out Zarqawi when they had the chance because doing so would undermine his justifications for why we had to invade Iraq.

Something else not mentioned was the number of people who died as a direct or indirect result of Zarqawi being left alive. Of course this is something that will never be discussed by the media. Because to do so would mean to implicate Bush, who's inaction meant that hundreds (possibly thousands) who could have been spared instead met a gruesome fate, such as Nick Berg. Their blood will forever stain Bush's hands.

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