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Opening The Files: 6/23/06

Of Percentages and Dark Sides.

On two occasions this past week, we were given a peek into the inner workings of the Bush administration. The first was the release of Ron Suskind's The One Percent Doctrine (review here). The book reveals, among other things, the role played by the Vice President in shaping the post-9/11 doctrine adopted by the administration.

The second chance we had was Frontline's The Dark Side (available online here). The documentary chronicles Cheney's push to expand presidential powers and institute a new type of foreign policy. But there was one obstacle that he and Defense Secretary Rumsfeld had to overcome: the CIA.

Mary wonders who is worse, the Puppet or his master?

Steve Soto examines the escape of Bin Laden at Tora Bora and what is revealed in Suskind's novel.

Carpetbagger discusses some of the more damning aspects from the book, and a possible (though unlikely) remedy.

Ivan Eland calls out the fallacy of the one percentage doctrine.

The Boston Globe and The Seattle Times have their take on this glimpse into the "dark side".

Taylor Marsh also weighed in on the Cheney/Rumsfeld tag team.

The Magnificent Seven? Not So Much.

Seven men were arrested Thursday in Miami in connection with an undercover anti-terrorism operation. The men, mostly Americans of Haitian decent, reportedly had no links to Al-Qaeda (though they were seeking out an alliance but the closest they got was a government informant). The FBI claims that the were plotting to blow up several targets, including the Sear's Tower in Chicago and the FBI building in Miami.

Josh noticed something strange in the indictment handed down on Friday: Boots and uniforms? Shakes' put in her two cents on those "boots of terror" and the need for supervillians, even made up ones.

Blogenfreude notes that the capture of these wannabe terrorists didn't involve invading any Muslim nations nor did it require trampling all over our civil liberties.

A. Alexander has a few things to say about this latest Bush-Rove Terror-Scare.

The Heretik warns us to be leary of little chicks and falling skies. Or something.

Bush Bites says its time we set our sights on the real threat to the American Homeland: Florida.