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9/11: Disney Style

Changes to "docu-drama" fail to calm criticism.

WASHINGTON (XF) - The Xsociate Files has learned that Disney, parent company of ABC, has announced changes to their upcoming docu-drama The Path to 9/11. The changes are thought to be related to the row over some scenes in the movie which critics claim did not actually happen and the over-all tone of the movie which blames the Clinton administration for failing to prevent the September 11th attacks.

Among the changes to the film will be the replacement of some live action actors with animated Disney characters. A spokesman for the Disney company said that it is hoped the move will help assuage concerns over the factual accuracy of scenes in the film.

"They are calling it something out of Fantasy Land, so why not give them what they are expecting?" the spokesman said.

"I'm surprised they aren't renaming it Who Blamed Bill Clinton?", a prominent political analyst is quoted as saying.

Indeed, the move to animated characters may not be enough to quell criticism about how the film portrays the previous administration, especially since rumors have surfaced that Disney intends to cast the character Goofy in the role of former president Bill Clinton.


Xsociate, Fantasy Land indeed.

Your take sort of reminds me of Disney's aborted attempt to create an American History-themed park in VA some years back. Most people's opinion was that a happy Disney perspective on say...the Civil War...was not what we needed.

This is cool. I'm gonna link it.

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