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Osama On Ice

No that's not the title of Disney's next production.

What I mean is, could it be possible that the Bush administration already has Bin Laden in custody and are just waiting for the perfect time to announce his capture?

This line of thinking was brought about by this post over a Pensito Review. As Jon Ponder notes, there has been a sudden resurgence of focus on Bin Laden after a long hiatus. Jon wonders why and the only conclusion he can come up with is that they have him locked away somewhere.
Bin Laden’s sudden return from political Siberia has my electrodes buzzing. Let’s assume he went from being wanted dead or alive to Osama-who? because they simply could not find him.

Conversely, the only reason they would trot Osama out now is that they’ve got him. He’s currently sitting in a cell in a secret prison in Uzbekistan.

He then goes on to highlight a recent CBS poll that says fewer then half of Americans are confident that Bin Laden will ever be caught.
Imagine how those numbers would change if Bush bagged bin Laden. The shift among conservative independents could flip the mid-terms.

Will this be part of what Bush plans to announce during his primetime address on Monday? Will we soon be seeing footage of Osama in his underwear or the bloated face of his corpse in an ornate gold frame?

Will we get our October surprise early this year?

Oh...damn! You scooped me. I was going to announce this of Friday on Blognonymous as the 'October Surprise', but I got busy. Oh well...still going to do it, I'll just have to give you the credit. :-)

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