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No Plan Man

President Bush has taken lately to characterizing the Democrats as lacking a plan to deal with Iraq. This is what he had to say at a recent campaign stop in Nevada:
Oh, I've heard the Democrats. I'm sure you have, too. If you listen for their plan on Iraq, they don't have one. On this crucial issue facing the country, they don't have a plan for victory.

But as some astute bloggers have noted, the Democrats have put forth plans for dealing with Iraq. Plans which were soundly rejected but a GOP-led Congress. For Bush to chastise the Democrats for lacking a plan now only helps to illustrate how bankrupt his own 'stay the course' policies really are. And given that a majority of Americans don't think the President has a plan either, Bush might want to lay off the whole "Democrats are the ones without a plan" talk.

It seems like a life time ago, and indeed for some it has been, but we are fast approaching the one year anniversary of Bush's "National Strategy for Victory in Iraq". Perhaps one reason why Bush does not bring up this "plan" is because it was little more then a masturbatory aid for his administration and it's few remaining supporters.

Another reason may be because since then over 800 more headstones have been added to Arlington and other cemeteries across the country.

President Bush called John Kerry's flubbed quip against him "insulting" to the troops. I would say that not having a plan is far more "insulting" to the troops than mere words could ever be.

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