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War on Terror Ends

No there wasn't some "Mission Accomplished II" ceremony on the deck of the USS Abraham Lincoln that slipped under the radar of the major news orgs. What I mean is that the Brits have decided that they will expunge the "war on terror" label from their lexicon. As The Guardian reports, our allies across the pond are concerned that the continued use of the thoroughly American, or rather Bush, phrase might do more to further widen the already vast gulf between the British and their Muslim citizenry.

I for one applaud the British for finally seeing the inanity of the phrase which has come to be the driving force behind so much violence in the last five years. Words, as any good intellectual will tell you, are powerful things. They can evoke emotions, both the good and the bad. In the wrong hands, they can even be deadly. And as Iraq War vet Philip Martin notes here, what we call something can profoundly change how one views themselves and their country.

I pray that America will soon wake up and see how the twisted language employed by this administration has so harmed this country and everything it once stood for. Perhaps when that day arrives we will be able to consign "war on terror" to the dustbin of phrases used by a country that, for a time, lost it's way.

(Filed at State of the Day)