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Redirection or Misdirection?

Late yesterday, word leaked out of a forthcoming article by Sy Hersh in the New Yorker in which he reports that the Bush administration has advanced their planning for possible attacks on Iran. The article is now online and offers far more.

Just a taste:

- The Bush administration, under the direction of a Cheney lead cabal of neocons, has come to consider Iran to be a greater threat than Sunni radicals and has shifted their regional strategy to one that plays up the Sunni vs Shiite divide.

- In order to foment this strategy of pitting the Sunnis in the region against the Shiites of Iran, the US has cast a blind eye to support by countries like Saudi Arabia of radical fundamentalist groups, some with sympathies toward Al-Qaeda.

- The strategy has hindered our efforts in Iraq because of the close ties that Iran has garnered with Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki's government.

Head over to the link for more.

Update: Hersh was on CNN today to talk about his article and expanded on his claim that the Bush administration has been channeling funds to radical jihadist groups. Video is here, more buzz here.

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