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Opening The Files: 03/03/07

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A Conservative Haunting

Ann Coultergeist, apparently worried that she wasn't getting enough attention in the news, issued her latest invective commentary at the Conservative Political Action Conference. Adding to last year's guffaws of referring to Muslims as "ragheads" and wishing death on Supreme Court judges, Coulter said that she would like to talk about presidential candidate John Edwards but that "it turns out you have to go into rehab if you use the word ‘faggot’".

Rehab will of course never work for someone like Ms. Anne. You can't rehabilitate the type of hatred such people espouse. It is best that they be ostracized and shunned for their deplorable behavior. But as Andrew Sullivan pointed out, the way the crowd reacted shows that she really has become the face of conservative activism.

Something tells me it's time they considered an exorcism. Don't forget the stake, holy water and creme pies.

Nancy Scola notes that while Coulter may not be the biggest elephant in the room, she is nonetheless a part of the herd. Libby Spencer says it might be time for the neocons to do some culling.

The Anonymous Liberal on Ann's latest "Borat moment" and what it says about those who were taken in by the charlatan in the little black dress.

Justin Gardner says he hopes this is the end for Callus Coulter. Sadly, somehow I doubt it will be.

Shorter Glenn Greenwald: Sure Coulter is a mainstream conservative who repeatedly spews some of the most vile and odious comments imaginable but have you seen the things anonymous commenters on liberal websites say?

And much more to be had at Meme.

Update: Coultergeist is getting it from both sides of Blogtopia.

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