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Supporting Those Who Support the Troops

It would appear that last week's Murtha hit parade was all for naught because Americans aren't buying into the anti-troops meme.

Via Think Progress:
A new Washington Post/ABC News poll shows that Americans strongly back Murtha’s plan to strengthen U.S. forces:

Would you support or oppose Congress trying to block Bush’s plan by creating new rules on troop training and rest time that would limit the number of troops available for duty in Iraq?

Support: 58 percent
Oppose: 39 percent

Unknown: 4 percent

What really makes these results all the more surprising is the wording of the question that was asked. Respondents were not asked whether they simply supported the troops or supported strengthening our armed forces. They were asked specifically whether they supported Congress' attempt to block President Bush's surge plan by limiting the number of battle ready troops and a plurality answered in the affirmative.

Of course what Americans support probably doesn't matter much to the likes of Joe Lieberman, who TP also reports won't allow any Iraq provisions to be added to a Homeland Security bill up for vote soon. Isn't it strange how we are always told that the war in Iraq is part of the larger war on terror, which by extension makes it part of our effort to protect the Homeland (because we're "fighting them over there instead of fighting them over here") yet when Congress attempts to set policy or even simply debate the subject it's considered taboo.

More from Meme (scroll down) and a great post from Georgia10 on what it should mean to "support the troops".

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